Australian reInvestment OPtions


Dreamgate is a part of a group of companies including DEMS Entertainment, Film Plus and the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, creating an ecosystem of film resources that all focus on increased investment in a range of projects rather than a single production. These businesses are owned and operated by the De Margheriti family and run by John De Margheriti. The De Margheriti’s have a long term approach to business and are interested in investing in many to profit from the few.


Every film is different so a set rate cannot be applied but Dreamgate Studios may be able to reinvest up to 100% of their profits back into your film. Every company needs a profit margin to afford tax bills, slumps and expansion. Dreamgate has a secret advantage that allows more investment more often.

1. You won’t have to finance a large portion of your VFX budget

2. You can claim it all against the 40% Producer Rebate without inflating market rates or asking anyone else to take on the reinvestment tax burden.

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For international productions

Definition of PDV

The PDV Offset provides a financial incentive for post, digital and visual effects production in Australia. It is aimed at enabling the Australian visual effects, post production and animation sector to continue to develop its reputation as one of the best and most cost-effective in the world. The PDV Offset is applied at a fixed rate of 30 per cent of Qualifying Australian Production Expenditure (QAPE) related to PDV activity on an eligible film or television project. In order to access the PDV Offset, an applicant must obtain a certificate from the Australian Minister for the Arts. Where a certificate is issued, the applicant company is able to claim the offset in its income tax return for the relevant income year.


The Dreamgate Studios Difference

Dreamgate Studios will reinvest the 30% rebate back into the project, and in some cases the VFX work will be done at cost.