About the film

It is 2035, and the Tass Epidemic is threatening to wipe out the population of earth. On the second moon of Jupiter, a vast ocean miles beneath an icy surface has just been discovered and holds an element that may be the key to saving mankind. Though an exploratory mission falls prey to the moon’s hostile terrain, a new ship is going up, and Commander Dara Mathers is the only choice for leading the long-shot expedition.

Miles below the frozen ice of Jupiter's moons lies an ocean twice the size of Earth's. Scentists have only imagined what life might exist in the hidden cavens below....until now.

When the crew of Galileo 3 accept the 3-year mission to go to Europa, nothing they've ever experienced could compare to what they are about to discover.

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  • Director

    Victoria Cocks

  • Genre

    Sci Fi

  • Status

    In Development