In Love and War

Rats of Tobruk

About the film

In Love and War is based on a true Rats of Tobruk story set in a WW2 Action movie in the style of “Dunkirk” or “Saving Private Ryan.” It’s a story of how a diverse bunch of Aussie blokes – including a farmer, a schoolteacher, an aboriginal boxing champ and a former safe breaker - helped turn the course of history – setting their courage, camaraderie and ingenuity against the German “blitzkrieg”, comprising dive-bombers, Panzer tanks and battle-hardened infantry.

Set in the barren, unforgiving coastal desert of North Africa this is a tale of courage framed in a real-life love-story: the wartime correspondence between Phillip Noyce’s father and the woman he had promised to marry, if ever he made it home alive.

The war scenes for this movie may be re-created in AIE’s virtual production studio once built.

Key info

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  • Director

    Phillip Noyce

  • Screenwriter

    John Collee

  • Genre

    War, Drama 

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